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What is Music Licensing Software?
Music Licensing Software is a software package that you can download and upload to your own server to instantly create your own music licensing website.
As a production music composer you will now have the ability to create a professional website where you can confidently send your clients when they are interested in using your music in their projects.
Instead of hassling with license agreements and sending audio files and price negotiations you will have it all right there for your clients to search, preview, purchase and download.

What Does It Look Like? What Does It Do?
The graphic below illustrates one of the 3 skins that come with the package. This is the default white skin.
You will have complete control over the list of genres in the menu on the left.
You will have complete control over pricing, descriptions, keywords, etc.
Your website will be fully optimized for SEO.
You can upload your own logo.
Integrated Contact and FAQ system comes free with the software.
Upload WAV and MP3 files in your mediabin and track manager.
Audio watermark is automatically played over the top of your previews.

There are tons of other features both for the visitor to your website and for the management of your catalog.

I Need More Features!
We are anticipating that there will be a need for this software to be more robust for more than just solo composers wanting to showcase their music catalog.
We are working on different enterprise editions that will have a full feature set, everything needed to distribute a huge catalog with many composers.
For now though we are concentrating on getting the solo composer an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software package for a very affordable and one-time (not monthly) price.

I'm Interested!
If you are interested in this software project and would like to be made aware of availability and/or to give us comments and suggestions please contact us using the link below or simply signup to our mailing list below and we will send you progress progress reports to your email inbox.

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